An integrated hiring process for jobs in IT

  • IT education sector
  • Company headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Founded in May 2022


Despite its short existence, German tech startup gotoitcareer is making significant strides in revolutionising the process of finding talent for the IT industry. gotoitcareer is a career development platform that helps individuals assess their skills and interests, undertake exclusive IT certification programmes, connect with potential employers, and find job opportunities in the IT industry. In the current market where IT talent is hard to find, they specifically focus on people who are looking for a career change. They work through the belief that talent is not decided by your age or your degree: it is a skillset you inherently have.

gotoitcareer reached out to Talogy to help them build out their assessment process to allow them to select the right talent. There are 130,000 jobs to be filled in the German IT industry and many more talents looking for IT roles, so being able to build a scalable, reliable assessment process was high on their agenda.

“Reliability and validity are key for my clients. And so, I decided to partner with Talogy as they have experience and expertise in the talent assessment space that gotoitcareer needs at this stage of our potential growth,” says Christopher Pilz, Chief Executive Officer of gotoitcareer.



With Talogy’s help, gotoitcareer built a rigorous process to recruit candidates to their platform. To begin with, candidates are asked to fill out their personal details and submit a short video essay to clarify why they are looking for a role to the IT industry. Once completed, each candidate is asked to take the Logiks cognitive ability test, as well as the Factors personality and motivators assessment. With insights from these assessments, gotoitcareer creates deep insight into the overall success profile of the candidate, without going into IT-specific skill tests that might not reflect the potential of someone currently working in a different industry.

The candidate profiles with the assessment results are then sent over to the companies who are looking to hire IT employees. These companies will then conduct a face-to-face interview with the candidate and once they select the successful candidate(s), they are entered into IT certificate programmes provided by Provadis Hochschule, a state recognized university of applied sciences in Hesse, to further their knowledge and skillset of the requisite role they have been hired for.

“It has been a journey of finding a delicate balance between the assessment being cost effective for the startup, time efficient, and engaging for the candidate while focusing heavily on strong, valid results”, says Ines Schleiffer, Client Partner at Talogy.

Success factors

  • Seamless integration of the TalogyTech assessment platform within gotoitcareer’s systems
  • Personalised gotoitcareer assessment norm groups to simplify comparison

It was important for us to be able to integrate Talogy’s assessments to our platform, and to give our candidates a seamless experience.

Christopher Pilz

Chief Executive Officer of gotoitcareer


Through their multi-stage deep selection process, gotoitcareer was able to create a complete, holistic picture of the candidates they propose to their clients. As a result, clients are satisfied with the quality of candidates selected for them, and see gotoitcareer as a trusted partner for their IT hiring needs. At the same time, candidates see the streamlined, integrated assessment process as insightful and engaging.

  • 13,380 candidates have been invited to the online assessments.
  • 50% of them completed the assessments, numbers are increasing.
  • 30% are recommended for next steps in the hiring process.