US-based dairy brand

Balancing quality and efficiency in the hiring process


This US-based dairy brand had been working with Talogy on their selection processes since 2019. In late 2021, the client approached Talogy to help optimise their current selection process for Plant Technicians in the manufacturing industry. The well-known dairy brand was concerned about labour shortages and wanted to increase the number of candidates being assessed to ensure they could keep filling their Plant Technician positions.

At the time, the client was employing a hurdle-based approach to screening candidates for the technician roles. During the screening process, candidates needed to successfully complete a 30-minute safety-focused screening assessment before progressing to a 100-minute in-depth manufacturing assessment. This in-depth assessment evaluated behaviours like safety orientation and mechanical reasoning and was only accessible through a desktop or laptop.

The client felt the process was extensive and wanted to make it more engaging and efficient. As well as available on a mobile device. As a result, Talogy and the client partnered to streamline the cognitive ability assessment process and remove any redundant components.



The client was looking to implement a mobile accessible solution to ensure broader candidate reach and increased throughput. The new pre-employment assessment for manufacturing also needed to include an innovative cognitive ability element, to assess the candidates’ capacity to understand and conceptualise new information and think critically.

Talogy and the client arrived at a solution that entailed some key changes from their process at that time:

  • The removal of the screening tool from the selection process to eliminate redundant measurement
  • Introduction of a shorter, mobile-friendly version of the in-depth manufacturing assessment, which maintained the robust measurement of the previous process
  • Increase assessment engagement to keep candidates from dropping out and to provide a positive first impression of the organisation

Our manufacturing solution was presented to the client, focusing on using our production simulations with a Mindgage module. Both the Mindgage module and manufacturing production simulations were designed to incorporate the most recent advancements in selection assessment. Having engagement and interactivity at the forefront while maintaining a solid scientific basis. Ensuring validity, reliability, and fairness.

The client also agreed to a concurrent, criterion-related validation study before implementing the mobile optimised assessment.

Robust results

The results of the study indicated that all competencies measured in the assessment were significantly correlated with at least one or more facets of job performance. The shortened, mobile optimised assessment process was still shown to be predictive of job performance; ultimately meeting the client’s goal to increase candidate throughput as well as increasing the quality of the candidates.

“Compared to last year, we’ve seen a significant reduction in applicant drop-off in the (Technician) group, with the percentage of assigned assessments completed increasing from 48% to 63%”, client feedback.

The new, mobile, in-depth manufacturing assessment takes around 90 minutes to complete, saving candidates around 40 minutes in testing time compared to the original process.

The new assessment process showed itself to be a positive test experience. 79% to 82% of participants felt:

  • The content of the assessment was related to the job
  • They performed well
  • The assessment was fair
  • The process gave a positive impression of the client

The transition to the mobile assessment process has allowed us to reach a broader population of candidates while also creating a more positive and engaging candidate experience.


HR Manager

What’s next with Talogy?

The new mobile-optimised assessment has been successfully implemented in the hiring for Plant Technician positions, resulting in increased candidate throughput and higher quality hires. The client has expressed great satisfaction with the new process, noting that the shortened, mobile-friendly assessment is a positive experience for candidates.

Moving forward, Talogy and the dairy brand are committed to working collaboratively to continue improving the selection process and achieving the goal of balancing quality and efficiency in hiring. As the dairy industry continues to evolve, Talogy remains dedicated to providing innovative and scientifically sound assessment solutions to help the dairy brand stay ahead of the curve in terms of attracting and retaining top talent.