Accelerating European talent development

Client challenge


Telefonica has an annual talent development programme for carefully selected CEO-2 or 3 leaders to collectively accelerate the development of these individuals in order to better enable them to fulfil and increase their potential. Whilst the previous year’s talent programme had been successful, the HiPo team wanted to provide interventions that led to more significant self-awareness and sustained transformational change.



Telefonica engaged Talogy to partner with them to design and deliver the 2014 talent programme for European operating businesses (from the UK, Spain and Germany) using emotional intelligence at its core. The 9-month programme architecture was based on the principle of ‘leading from the inside out’ – starting with leading self, then leading teams and finally leading the organisation, utilising our suite of tools to accelerate self-awareness and emphasising the business application of EI between modules.



Over 80% of delegates rated the programme as ‘outstanding’ and 100% would recommend it to others. The business benefits from greater retention, succession planning, cross-cultural networks and engaged inspirational leaders aligned to Telefonica’s strategic & cultural aims. Additionally, two of the three business start ups are being taken forward by the business as viable revenue generating opportunities. The programme was conducted during a period of considerable change and many delegates reported tangible returns on investment in relation to benefits from the talent programme in managing personal, team and organisational resilience and transition.