High potential identification

Leveraging customised potential solution​ to develop emerging and confirmed talents​

Client challenge​

From 2011, this industry-leading organisation in defense and construction had a development programme in place to support managers and high potentials. As part of their talent strategy, they defined the ‘Success Profile’ as a foundation for expected skills and attitudes for those joining the programme. As the project evolved and new talent challenges emerged, they wished to improve their selection process for the development project by:

  • Improving the employee selection consistency
  • Implementing a fair assessment to focus on the best profiles


The organisation had previously partnered with Talogy on 360 projects as well as have been using P.A.P.I. for several years. With a comprehensive understanding of the organisation’s environment and talent needs, Talogy created a customised two-step solution for this new talent project:

STEP 1:​

Potential assessments based on existing Talogy potential solutions, completed by a CBI format interview with Talogy consultant based on the individual’s success profile

STEP 2:​

Dedicated development day with two exercises observed by trained members of the executive team and top managers​

Specific scoring grids were created to gather the observations, which were then accompanied by a talent review. The feedback was based on the interview report, observations of the exercises, and the questionnaire filled out by the participants. At the final stage, a development report was created and presented by the HRMs to give feedback and build individual development plans, driving big performance improvements.


  • Members of the leadership team are now more involved and empowered when appointing new talent as they were given the right tools to highlight individual potential.​
  • High satisfaction rate of the participants and the organisation: after the successful completion of the first project in 2019, the organisation has continuously worked with Talogy. A new three-year partnership was established at the end of 2021 to further strengthen the approach.​​