Reduce turnover by hiring the best nurses

Evidence-based prediction on job performance and likelihood of turnover



One of the nation’s largest kidney care companies provides nursing care in hospitals, clinics and in patients’ homes. They were frustrated with their inability to predict, during the hiring process, which nursing candidates would be successful. At the same time, they were seeing an increase in nursing turnover. Realising that their ability to provide high quality, patient-centred care was tied directly to the quality of their nurses, they turned to Talogy’s evidence-based hiring approach.


  • An evidence-based hiring system coordinated with their robust nursing branding strategy.
  • A custom screening tool in the application process to help applicants identify their ideal work setting.
  • A customised version of Talogy’s healthcare pre-employment behavioural assessment.
  • The assessment results are coordinated with a structured interviewing programme.


  • The most immediate and impactful outcome was a 19% reduction in turnover, creating £1.8 million in first year cost savings.
  • A formal, criterion-related validation study, involving over 900 nurses, revealed that Talogy’s healthcare solution successfully identified top performing nurses. Candidates who did well on the assessment were twice as likely to be rated as top performers and twice as likely to be promoted.
  • At the same time, the tool was equally effective at screening out poor performers with three-quarters of on-the-job poor performers scoring lower on the assessment.