Talogy named Best People Assessment Company at the 2024 HR Excellence Awards Belgium

Talogy, a leading talent assessment and development provider, has won the award for Best People Assessment Company by the HR Excellence Awards Belgium.

The award, announced at a special ceremony in Belgium on 14th March, demonstrates how Talogy effectively partners with client organisations to create talent management solutions which optimise selection and development, and transform talent strategy.

Talogy received recognition for its commitment to help a fusion energy organisation with its extensive culture transformation strategy. It aimed to create a workplace which values and cares for its people, and that is centered around authenticity, feedback, ownership, inclusion, and learning agility, enabling employees to thrive as individuals and empower organisational success.

Collaborating closely with the client to co-create a transformative culture change journey, Talogy meticulously uncovered and addressed underlying challenges, and implemented a fully personalised solution tailored to the demanding requirements set by the client organisation’s leadership. Talogy demonstrated exceptional agility and flexibility during the process.

Talogy’s unique proposition combined global talent expertise with a large library of science-fueled content, all enabled by simple and intuitive technology. This empowered its client to create a powerful foundation for enabling the culture change process. Combined with Talogy’s collaborative partnership approach, the rollout of a programme has created measurable and sustainable behavioural change within the client’s organisation, fueling cultural transformation which empowers both human values and business performance.

Arnaud Bouvet, Group Vice President Europe, at Talogy, commented: “We were fortunate to win the contract to participate in a project that can truly transform lives. Partnering with this governmental fusion energy organisation presented a challenging, yet hugely rewarding opportunity. The client organisation is pioneering solutions with the potential to revolutionise access to energy, addressing one of the world’s most critical challenges. Being part of this journey makes us very proud, and we are humbled by the trust this organisation has given to Talogy. We take great pride in our shared accomplishments.”


About Talogy

Talogy is one of the world’s leading talent management solution providers. Crafting solutions to help select, develop, and transform talent and organisations worldwide. Partnering with organisations to truly understand their challenge inside out to help them make the best data-driven people decisions. Combining 75+ years of expertise, our extensive content library, and innovative technology, we help clients find, build and grow the best talent.


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