How to identify great talent in your selection process 

Effectively identify who among your applicants has the greatest potential for success.

Assessing for great talent within your candidate pool

When assessing candidates for selection, most organisations are asking themselves three key questions:

  • Does the candidate have the right attributes to do the job well?
  • Does the candidate have the motivation to want to do the job?
  • Will the candidate be a good match for the team and organisation?

Implementing selection solutions into your hiring process can help to answer these questions and lead to a quicker and better hire. Talogy solutions give you the in-depth data you need to objectively assess the competencies and attributes required for success in a role, without impeding speed to hire. Not only do we have a broad range of selection solutions ready to configure for your specific situation and talent needs, we have the expertise to understand exactly how to use each tool in a way that supports your desired business objectives.

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Our top 5 tips for identifying great talentduring selection

    Be clear about what you need to measure

    The first step is always to build a clear picture of what great performance looks like in the role, both now and in future. What are the competencies or attributes a candidate needs to thrive in the role? Decide what you need to measure before designing the selection process and choosing particular assessments.

    Design the right solution for you

    The right solution is different in every organisation. Make sure your solution measures the attributes that define success and matches your process needs. You can’t take an assessment designed for a different company and expect it to work the same for you. Your solution should be the right length, use the right item types and measure only what matters.

    Hire for potential

    In many cases, a candidate’s potential is what determines success on the job. Employers often emphasise past experience or specific knowledge when making hiring decisions. This can lead to a lack of diversity, lack of candidates and generally dissatisfying prediction. Instead, measure what matters – make decisions based on a candidate’s potential to contribute to the organisation.

    Evaluate and enhance

    There is no set-it-and-forget-it solution. Your talent selection process should be evolving along with your organisational goals. We can help you evaluate what’s working, improve what isn’t and continually enhance your hiring programme to ensure it captures exactly what you need.

    Treat candidates like customers

    Lead with a human-centred approach when it comes to any process that involves talent. Your selection programme is a direct reflection of your organisation, and even the candidates you don’t hire may still become customers. Build your hiring process in a way that gives candidates an engaging and fair experience, where they are able to demonstrate their capability and potential.


Proven expertise in identifying quality hires

  • Estimated savings of £3.5 million in resources

    Improving the quality of selection decisions

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  • Less time spent on low-potential candidates; more time spent on high-quality candidates

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The solution has been a really positive and engaging experience for the candidatesTalogy have been really great to work with, really flexible, really responsive, with really high-quality content.

Paul Weldon

Principal Occupational Psychologist, Government Recruitment Service

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