Predict performance and indicate potential with Factors

Predict performance and indicate potential with Factors

Predict performance and indicate potential with Factors

Factors can help you understand what makes individuals tick, giving you the information you need to best select and develop your people.

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Assess personality to determine work style

Unlock the true potential of your people by uncovering aspects of their personality that directly relate to work style. Derived from the Personality and Preference Inventory (PAPI.) assessment, Factors is even quicker to complete and gives you a score to assess a candidate’s true fit to role. With no barriers to use, Factors can be easily implemented into your talent screening and selection strategy. Today.

Assess work style to predict performance – right from the start.

How the Factors assessment helps:

  • Sift and screen: With a completion time of only 10 minutes, Factors is a quick way to sift and screen a large volume of applicants.
  • Selection: Include Factors in your selection process for a quick and easy evaluation of personality and work style.
  • Bespoke solutions: Combine Factors with a cognitive ability assessment like Logiks in the Talogy Hire solution to better understand your candidates.


Why Factors

We’re not psychology or technology – we’re a blend of both.


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    Rooted in psychometric science:

    Factors is based on an empirically derived model of personality consisting of ‘Big Five and Drive’ dimensions.

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    Accommodate entry level candidates:

    Even candidates who don’t have work experience can complete the Factors assessment, allowing you to evaluate applicants of all levels.

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    Derived from PAPI:

    Factors originated from PAPI 3, a well-established, international personality questionnaire.


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    Produce multiple reports:

    The data from Factors can be used in a variety of reports, suitable for candidates, HR representatives and line managers.

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    Enhanced user experience:

    The online questionnaire is simple to complete and user-friendly. Personalised branding is also available, so you can showcase your organisation’s look and feel in the assessment.

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    Customise your desired competencies:

    Factors can be customised to a particular job role, allowing users to identify competencies and how to weight them.

What you need to know about Factors

  • 10 minutes completion time
  • 54 personality statements
  • Available in 29+ languages
  • Measures 18 competencies
  • No training required