Phillips 66

Optimizing safety at a Phillips 66 refinery with SafetyDNA

Phillips 66 is a global energy company which produces various petrochemicals and natural gas liquids. The Phillips 66 Bayway Refinery located in Linden, New Jersey, has been in operation for over a century. It has a workforce of over 800 employees and processes mainly light crude oil to manufacture various transportation fuels, petrochemical feedstocks, and related products.

Client challenge

While Phillips 66 strongly values and invests in employee safety, Bayway site leadership wished to further improve employee engagement and ownership of safety. Due to the complexity of operations at the refinery, there was a desire to go beyond traditional training methods in order to make safety more personal and tailored to each individual, while improving retention of critical safety procedural knowledge.


The Bayway site was already using Talogy’s assessments as part of the selection process for contract workers. Therefore, interest in Talogy’s unique safety-based development programs, which included artificial intelligence and automation, naturally followed.


These programs would allow them to provide employees and leaders at the site with valuable self-awareness about their personal safety tendencies and leader styles. Another important benefit was access to a cutting-edge adaptive learning system that could drastically improve employees retention of safety training and procedural knowledge, helping to improve safety behavior in a more personal and sustainable manner.




The solution began with a custom version of the SafetyDNA Program for over 800 hourly employees. This consisted of the SafetyDNA online assessment, a custom onsite workshop, and small group coaching sessions coupled with personal action plans which were based on employees’ assessment results. Over 150 leaders then participated in the SafetyDNA for Leaders Program the following year. This process was similar but also measured and trained them on safety leader styles and competencies. As a final step, a cutting-edge adaptive learning platform provided by Trivie, a Talogy partner, was implemented across the site. This innovative tool uses gamification, microlearning, and the latest brain science in the form of short, fun quizzes to continuously reinforce what employees learn in training. Adapting to each employee’s unique learning path, Trivie increases knowledge retention over time, while increasing safety engagement across the refinery.

We initially piloted Trivie with a small cross-functional group of employees to gauge “buy-in” on its utilization. The response was so overwhelmingly positive that the team quickly implemented it across the site. We continue to expand its use beyond HSE to our craft and operator training, supervisor leadership, and engineers and Console Operators.

Hope Grey

HSE Manager, Phillips 66 Bayway Refinery



  • Over 800 employees and 150 leaders assessed and trained on SafetyDNA
  • Understanding their talent strengths and pipeline has allowed the build of a strong, multi-year succession planning process
  • Over a quarter million quiz questions answered in past 2.5 years
  • Over 90% of employees have used the Trivie platform since launch
  • Knowledge gains over 50% and 25% for safety topics such as Hazardous Energy and Hazardous Chemicals Monitoring, respectively
  • SafetyDNA is now a commonly discussed topic in safety trainings and toolbox talks
  • Employees created and engaged in personal safety action plans based on their unique SafetyDNA profile
  • Phillips 66 Bayway won the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) Distinguished Safety Award in 2020 and 2018