Hiring and managing talent effectively in a fast-growing organization

Kramp Group is Europe’s largest wholesale specialist for spare parts and accessories for the agricultural industry. With over 500,000 products available online, 10 distribution centers and 24 sales offices, and 3,500 employees spread over Europe, Kramp is the essential partner for its customers and suppliers. Kramp operates in 20 countries and is headquartered in The Netherlands.

The challenge

In 2017, Kramp had experienced multiple years of intense international growth, and they were ready to implement optimized processes for their talent management practices. To support them with this, Kramp was looking for a partner that could help them to optimize and align their Talent Management processes across the globe.

Specifically, Kramp was looking to implement the following processes:


  • Create robust and measurable processes for hiring the right candidates for their ever-changing business
  • Optimize development interventions for their existing talent to ensure a future-proof workforce
  • Implement objective high-potential identification for both current and future employees


After a thorough selection process, Kramp chose Talogy as their dedicated talent assessment partner. This decision was motivated not just by Talogy’s strong library of solutions throughout the talent lifecycle, but also by Talogy showing to be a flexible and collaborative partner – working closely with Kramp to understand their needs and implementing tailored processes that worked for them.


In Talogy we found the Talent Partner we were looking for: Closely involved, internationally focused, and always willing to go the extra mile.

Arno Dijkstra

Compensation and Benefits Manager



Talogy implemented a wide variety of robust talent selection and development processes in the Kramp business, and the scope of the partnership between Kramp and Talogy has continued to grow ever since the initial processes were set up. Projects so far have included:


Creating robust and measurable hiring processes:

  • Competency framework alignment to ensure a robust and reliable basis for all assessment and development practices globally
  • Implementation of a large suite of online talent assessment solutions within the international business
  • Ongoing training of HR professionals within the business to ensure alignment and adoption of best practice processes
  • Development and execution of live Assessment Centers for managerial and leadership positions
  • Running an annual multi-day selection program for management trainees, with a strong focus on high-potential identification

Optimizing development interventions:

  • Development and execution of live Development Centers for managerial and leadership positions
  • Supporting ongoing development of the full Kramp workforce with in-depth 360 feedback processes
  • Analyzing and interpreting assessment data to help Kramp optimize their strategic succession planning


All of this is done within 20 countries all over Europe, utilizing talent management tools in a wide range of languages, and supported by Talogy Consultants from a variety of offices.

The talent management processes we have shaped together ensured Kramp could grow quickly, widely, and with a great set of employees.

Arno Dijkstra

Compensation and Benefits Manager



During the years of the partnership between Kramp and Talogy, a lot of strong results have been achieved:

  • The global implementation and streamlining of assessment processes has enabled Kramp to hire the best candidates for their roles, enabling fast organization growth
  • Understanding their talent strengths and pipeline has allowed the build of a strong, multi-year succession planning process
  • More than 40 HR Business Partners in 20 different countries have been trained to utilize the implemented tools and processes
  • 4 successful management trainee selection programs were run over the last few years, with a fifth one underway
  • Assessment Centers have been highly rated by both candidates and assessors, with an average rating of at least 8 out of 10 on all assessment aspects.