The Environment Agency

Transforming technical experts into extraordinary leaders

Client challenge


The Environment Agency (EA) commissioned Talogy to support them in harnessing and developing the talent of their operational and technical experts (e.g. specialists in river flooding, ecosystems, nuclear science and other high-profile areas that provoke emotional responses in the public arena) into more effective leaders, to be able to think more strategically, engage a broad range of stakeholders and motivate and inspire their teams.



Talogy tailored its flagship applied Emotional Intelligence leadership development programme ‘Leading Through Emotional Intelligence’ (LTEI). Key to its success was the use of two Talogy diagnostics: * Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIP) – used to identify those attitudes and habits that both enabled or blocked delegates’ leadership capability; * Leadership Climate 360 – used to establish the leadership climate created by each delegate within the business. Completion of these tools before the initial three-day experiential programme and at the two-day follow-up three to four months later enabled a clear measure of learning outcomes to be established.



With nearly 800 managers attending the workshops since 2008 and over 175 in 2013 alone, our programme has created an emotionally intelligent leadership population throughout EA. Feedback from LTEI has been consistently positive and transformational. A 360 feedback evaluation found that participants moved from average levels of Emotional Intelligence to above average and that this was linked directly to a significant improvement in the engagement and motivation of their teams. The talent programme, as quoted by an EA submission for a national development award in 2010, has also created a peer network across the organisation, which tackles business issues with a raised profile with senior colleagues. There has been a shift in mindset for participants and many of their colleagues, with LTEI graduates now recognising they have permission to deliver brilliance.