Six simple steps to creating your perfect assessment

Our revolutionary configurable assessment technology brings effectiveness to your hiring and development processes in 6 simple steps. Whatever your talent challenges, our assessment solutions help you create the most effective workforce.

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1. Role requirements

Identify essential role requirements with our talent experts
We help you understand the ins and out of the roles you’re working with, so you can base your solutions on the things that matter most. Removing the clutter. You can assess exactly what you need – nothing more, nothing less.

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2. Modules

Select the right modules for your purpose
Delivering the flexibility, you need. Choose from a wide range of modules that align closely with the essential skills and knowledge you need to measure. The options are limitless.

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3. Digital experience

Blend your modules together for a brilliant digital experience
Creating your unique assessment for the best candidate experience. You can design your assessment in a way that works for you. Choosing the question types, deciding on question sequence. One assessment. One report. In one place.

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4. Assessment interface

Tailor the assessment interface to represent your brand
Stay true to your brand, with truly customisable branding. Create a two-way conversation, reinforcing your brand throughout and providing realistic preview of specific job roles. Whether you want to keep it simple. Or you want a fully branded assessment environment. It’s not all or nothing, it’s a sliding scale.

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5. Scoring system

Utilise our innovative scoring system for ultimate science-packed insights
Interpret your data in the right way. Holistic scoring based on all modules – we provide you with targeted results to power your talent decisions. Backed by millions of datapoints. Configured by experts.

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6. Digital reports

Configure flexible digital reports for quick insights
Stay ahead with state-of-the-art reports. Quickly configurable and digitally optimised. We build reports that meet your talent needs. Easy to interpret without compromising insight.

Get flexibility with our industry solutions

Our industry solutions are designed so you can select the content and assessment style that best fits your hiring and development needs to create a blended assessment experience.

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