How to select leaders who can engage and deliver

Evaluate and select the right leaders for your organisation.

Find your best fit leaders to make the biggest impact

Your leaders set the tone for your entire organisation. Great leaders motivate, inspire and engage people. They contribute to a positive workplace climate, promote inclusivity and can see the bigger picture to drive organisational goals forward.


If you don’t have potential leaders already within your organisation, it may be necessary to seek new leaders externally. So how do you evaluate new leadership candidates to find out who can make the biggest impact on your organisation? Now’s the time to take a deep look into your talent management process to see if it aligns with the needs of your organisation. Understanding what you need from your leadership can help you assess potential leaders accurately and objectively to find the best fit.


Our top 5 tips for selecting great leaders

    Establish your goals

    What are you looking for in a leader? First you need to determine the attributes and competencies your leaders need in order to thrive. You then need to connect your organisational goals to the measurements you’re using to evaluate each leadership candidate.

    Evaluate your organisational needs

    Leaders are often called upon to see the bigger picture of what your organisation needs to thrive. They need to be able to confidently assess and act on those needs to carry the organisation forward. What kind of leader does your organisation need? Decide whether you are looking for someone to disrupt and lead through change or just keep things moving.

    Don’t forget about leadership development

    You don’t always need to look externally for your next great leader. Revisit your succession plan to determine if you’re accurately evaluating those already in your organisation who have leadership potential. A great development programme may be just what they need to grow into their potential.

    Consider candidate experience

    When people reach a senior level, they usually feel less need to prove themselves. Make sure the assessments you use in your selection process are candidate-friendly and not cumbersome. Allow applicants to show their expertise while feeling that the assessment is appropriate for their level.

    Look toward the future

    When selecting leaders, focus on your organisational needs for both today and tomorrow. Where do you want to be in the next five years? What kind of leader is needed for the future?


Proven expertise in leadership selection

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Compensation and Benefits Manager, Kramp Group

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