Developing a future-ready workforce

Prepare your employees to meet the demands of the future world of work

Adjusting and embracing to the future of work

The world of work is constantly changing. A large percentage of jobs today didn’t exist just a few years ago. Remote or hybrid workplaces are no longer uncommon. Knowledge in emerging fields or technology is not just a “nice to have.” New skills are required. And many organisations are struggling to keep up.

It’s a whole new world. Organisations today need to be more agile than ever. So how do you ensure your employees have what it takes to not only succeed today, but also be prepared for the challenges to come? You need to make them future-ready.

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Our top 5 tips for developing an agile workforce

    Think about the future

    Before deciding how to develop a more agile workforce for the future, you need to think about what the future may bring. Explore what the world of work is likely to need. Which new skills will need to be learned? What competencies will your talent need to have? Think through the possibilities and then make a talent management plan.

    Take stock of what you have

    Look closely at the talent you currently have. What are their strengths? Analyse their skill gaps or areas for improvement. Getting a baseline measure of your current workforce can help you see which skills you need to develop to ensure everyone is ready to handle future challenges.

    Don’t leave out your leaders

    Encourage your leaders to be participants in the development process. Letting them be involved in some way can build the relationship between manager and employee. Improving this relationship can lead to better employee engagement, higher retention and other performance metrics.

    Take a tailored approach

    For development to make an impact, it can’t be the same for each employee. Everyone learns in different ways, and each of your employees will probably have different strengths and weaknesses. Tailor your development individually to ensure each employee is strengthening the competencies and skills they need to be successful, in the way they learn best.

    Consider method of delivery

    Just as the world of work has changed, the way you need to develop your employees has likely changed as well. It may not be feasible to pull employees away from their everyday tasks to complete a week-long workshop. Think about how best to reach your employees today to deliver practical and meaningful learning.


Proven expertise in workforce development

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The very smooth customer relationship and effective project management allowed to us to deliver a memorable developmental experience to our top talent.

Gerardo Locurcio

Talent Management Director, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

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