Select and develop cybersecurity professionals with Cyberwise

Select and develop cybersecurity professionals with Cyberwise

Select and develop cybersecurity professionals with Cyberwise

Evaluate the competencies and skills that are critical in cybersecurity today.

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Reduce cybersecurity risk, unlock people performance

The Cyberwise assessment measures nine key competencies related to success in cybersecurity:

  1. Drive for results
  2. Adaptability
  3. Learning agility
  4. Composure
  5. Quality focus
  6. Analysing ability
  7. Collaboration
  8. Researching and investigating
  9. Trustworthiness


Success is measured in capability for implementing processes and procedures, managing risks and handling problems when they occur. Optimise your candidate pool, shorten the time to hire and provide pinpointed development through comprehensive competency-based assessment modules.

The unique value of Cyberwise: 

  • Use for selection and development.
  • Measure competencies crucial for high-performing cybersecurity professionals.
  • Assess using real-life situational examples and scenarios.
  • Leverage identified strengths and key challenge areas to enhance performance.
  • Use as a framework to set a behavioural action plan.


Why Cyberwise

With customisable modules that are simple to mix and match, Cyberwise is a selection and development tool that is easy to use and fast to implement. It combines the power of psychology and technology to deliver results that last.


  • connectivity icon
    Evaluate perceptual ability:

    The Mindgage Seek module measures speed and agility with three levels of testing.

  • communicating and influencing icon
    Assess communication skills:

    The email inbox module rates the effectiveness of responses to common occurrences in cybersecurity.

  • adapting and developing icon
    Measure decision-making:

    The interactive chat simulation measures effective decision-making and solutions to real-time cybersecurity issues.

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    Customise your reports:

    Choose from a selection report with scores and interview questions or an insight report that provides behavioural indicators.


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    Keep participants engaged:

    Cyberwise was designed with interactivity in mind, allowing for an active and engaging experience for both candidates and current employees.

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    Cyberwise is mobile-friendly, ensuring candidates have a positive experience when using their mobile devices to participate.

What you need to know about Cyberwise

  • Measures nine competencies
  • 30-45 minutes to complete
  • Modular, mobile-friendly and interactive