March 2024 podcast recap

International Women’s Day

Episode 10 Hosts: Mavis Kung, Alicia Allegrini, Johanna Ramos, and Susan Stang

Join four women leaders from Talogy as they commemorate International Women’s Day by discussing how this day is for everyone to celebrate – not just women. They discuss topics such as who their role models are, as well as how to overcome obstacles and setbacks for women in the workplace. Each of them has their own experiences that they share to promote not only women supporting women, but to someday have “everyone supporting everyone.”


Developing leaders in safety

Episode 11 Hosts: Esteban Tristan and OST Brazil’s Managing Director, Edson Lima

Safety leadership is different than traditional leadership. It comes with all of the same responsibilities plus the added requirement of navigating situations that could cause injury or even death if handled improperly. Esteban Tristan and Edson Lima discuss the importance of assessing these leaders on a variety of factors that impact their individual safety behaviours and overall safety culture. Doing so can have tangible impacts on reducing risk and improving key safety metrics.


Building better organisations through inclusive leadership

The topic of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is an area of emphasis for many organisations right now. Organisations that have been successful at creating sustainable change in DEI have had strong commitment, and action, among their leadership.

In this whitepaper, you will learn about the role that leaders play in creating an inclusive culture, one that strives to create allies, or champions for diversity, as well as the leadership competencies and characteristics that contribute to inclusive behaviour and climate.

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