Unlocking organisational success through strategic succession planning

Episode 4 Hosts: Simon Boag, Amanda White, and Red Sea Global’s Group Head of People Strategy and Culture, Tim Williams

When you think about the future of your organisation, what comes to mind? Increased revenue? Expanded footprint? Better brand recognition? What do all of these goals have in common? They need good employees in place in order to achieve them.

Gone are the days when simply ensuring that the demands of the day have been met. There must be a constant focus on what is yet to come, and any organised plans for the future must include succession planning and ensuring you have the right people in the right roles. This intentional decision that involves identifying high potentials (HiPos) in advance will strengthen the organisation’s ability to not only survive in today’s world, but thrive long-term.

Additionally, a company must be calculated in the timing of promoting those HiPos while also managing the expectations of those within the talent pool. Once that promotion has taken place, don’t forget the importance of ongoing development within the role. A leader’s impact on the organisation and the tone that they set in how they lead should not be underestimated, so keeping them engaged post-promotion must also be a priority within succession planning.

Join the conversation with Talogy’s Simon Boag and Amanda White alongside Red Sea Global’s Tim Williams as they share advice on how to implement succession planning, why it’s important for organisations, and some emerging trends to keep in mind.

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