Psychological safety in teams 

Episode 1 Hosts: Sophie Seex and Georgina Stokes

Have you ever had a manager who created a toxic work environment where you felt uncomfortable voicing your opinion for fear of potential consequences or retaliation? Or on the flip side, have you had a leader who fostered a safe space where you could express your true thoughts on work-related problems and initiatives? Both of these examples represent the impact of psychological safety (or lack thereof) at work.  

In the inaugural episode of Talogy’s ’Tune In To Talent’ podcast, Consultants Sophie Seex and Georgina Stokes define what psychological safety is, the role it plays in the workplace, and strategies to maintain it in today’s corporate landscape. They cite tangible examples of just how far-reaching psychological safety can be – even down to the safety of your company’s employees and consumers – and debunk a number of myths along the way that have been cited incorrectly over the years. Use the link below to listen today, or subscribe using your favourite podcast app. 

Great leaders: what do they do differently?

We all know that having great leaders is critical for success for most organizations.

However, less clear are the behaviors great leaders engage in that others do not. We designed a research program around shedding insights into this issue. In order to answer this question we used our proprietary executive assessment process to assess current leaders. Then we gathered outcome information (e.g., promotions, salary increases, behaviors) so we could see the correlations between assessments scores, job outcomes, and leader behavior.

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