Navigating uncertainty and riding the permacrisis

Episode 3 Hosts: Jo Maddocks, Sophie Seex, and Ali Shalfrooshan

The term permacrisis – meaning an extended period of instability and insecurity – burst onto the scene at a time when expecting the unexpected almost became normal. The world seemed to be experiencing its fair share of turmoil between a global pandemic, wars, natural disasters, and inflation just to name a few. And with this seemingly new normal came an increased need to steer through some pretty rough metaphorical waters.

While our experts are quick to point out that the facts paint a grim picture – noting an example that search engine inquiries for ‘burnout’ have soared in recent years – they remain optimistic that overcoming these challenges is feasible with a little training of our psychological and emotional responses. Learning how to reframe situations that we experience and acknowledging their impacts and results will go a long way toward developing necessary problem-solving skills and personal resilience.

Building resilient organisations

As a result of both the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the recent pandemic, change is now constant and relentless.

Despite the vast opportunities that change enables, issues like increased stress, burnout, and lower well-being are on the rise – highlighting the undeniable importance of organisational resilience.

To survive and thrive now, it is essential for leaders to build their resilience to be able to respond to change well and recover from setbacks. As they learn this, they then directly impact the resilience of their teams since the most critical ingredient for a resilient organisation is its resilient people.

It has been shown that highly resilient employees are 43% more productive, 47% more engaged at work, and twice as likely to stay at their current organisation.

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