Introducing Talogy


We are now Talogy.

Today, PSI Talent Management revealed its new brand to the world. Play the short video to see our brand come to life.

When you find the perfect spot between psychology and technology, talent is revealed.

By Peter Celeste, Talogy President

Why we rebranded

Here at Talogy, we like to stay ahead of the curve. We have always had ambitious goals to grow, improve, and adapt. Today, Talogy becomes the new home for 16 acquisitions. With each of these acquisitions, we expanded our global reach, portfolio of brilliant people, modern technology, and science-backed solutions, strengthening our offerings across the talent lifecycle.

Together, our 75+ years of identifying and nurturing the best talent through the powerful combination of psychology and technology allows us to guide organizations through unique talent challenges with advice that’s rooted in data and experience. Our focus on innovation propels our goal of continuous improvement.

We wanted a brand that better represents who we are today – a global provider of solutions in the arena of talent management, but we also considered what was absent from the talent management market. In doing so, we kept returning to two constants that were identified as the key components to uncovering talent: psychology and technology.

The power of psychology and technology

When things are considered from multiple opposing angles, a fuller picture is revealed.

We know that psychology and technology are each critical to an effective talent management system. Technology helps organizations be more agile and work smarter. Psychology brings the science and data needed to validate hiring and development decisions. But when they come together, the effect is magnetic. It creates a kinetic energy that uncovers the bigger picture.

So, we knew that we needed to disrupt the “science or technology” paradigm and create an alloy of both. With Talogy, the forces of psychology and technology are in constant interplay, revealing unexpected things about the talent and the businesses we analyze. We care about our clients deeply and provide speed of answer while assuring longevity of result. We take what we know about human behavior and turn that into predictive assessments. We don’t just advise clients on best practices, but we help them build a better organizational culture through effective hiring and development decisions.

We are perpetual students, constantly studying and learning. We are committed to discovering new concepts and adopting new strategies. We strive to disrupt the ordinary and provide our clients with world-class solutions. This combination is what sets us apart as we work to solve complex talent management challenges.

What’s in a name?

We wanted something memorable – who doesn’t? But we also wanted a name that was meaningful, providing insight into who we are and how we solve your specific challenges. Our brand represents the power of psychology and technology coming together to create the right talent solution.

So, what is the meaning of Talogy? If you haven’t guessed, -ology is “the science or study of.” And it’s the common denominator between Psychology and Technology. Add Talent, our field of expertise, and you get Talogy.

Talent + Psychology + Technology = Talogy

Welcome to Talogy

Even with so much change, it’s important to highlight what will remain the same. Whether you connect with us to help you select the best talent, develop your people in better ways, or improve your organizational culture, we will continue to partner with you to achieve those goals. You can find a succinct FAQs page here.

We are human. We are authentic. We are committed to helping organizations identify, develop, and retain top talent. And we are ready to do so in a whole new way.

We are Talogy.