Generational differences in the workplace podcast

Episode 5 Hosts: Cyndi Sax, Kit-San Yong, Adrianna Scotti, and Alexandra Wells

Generational differences in the workplace continue to raise more questions each year as Gen Z joins millennials, Gen X, and baby boomers in the office. These questions have emerged due to challenges that arise from differences in categories like communication and workstyle preferences. 

Though every individual has their own lived experiences that influence how they work and communicate, there are themes across each generation that can be gleaned from conversations with individuals in each group. Four members of our team came together after penning their own opinion pieces to discuss ways to understand their respective generations in the workplace, and this episode demonstrates how to relate and work effectively across generations.

Changing success criteria

What will be important and why?

The world of work is constantly evolving: from the digital disruption of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the seismic impact of the recent pandemic, to a long overdue focus on building diverse and inclusive organizations.

To deal with this continuous disruption and change, your workforce will need to be able to cope, adapt, and perform in different ways to be effective, and your hiring strategies need to align.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • The seven core competencies repeatedly cited in the review of over 10,000 assessments as key for success across a variety of roles over the last ten years
  • The seven competencies that will be critical for success over the next ten years
  • Why these competencies will be required for future organizational success

Are you ready to discover which competencies are essential to survive and thrive in the reshaped world of work?

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