April 2024 podcast recap

Episode 12 Hosts: Jill Pennington, Paul Glatzhofer, and Ben Hainsworth

Change at a rapid pace. Hybrid and remote work environments. Talent shortages. Shifting employee expectations. These are just a few of the major circumstances that leaders today are facing in addition to many more competing priorities. Leadership is quite different than it was even just five years ago, and this has resulted in significantly increased demands being placed on leaders.

With representation from Europe, Australia, and North America, our experts take a deeper dive into the major trends that are impacting leaders around the world. They discuss what competencies are critical for leaders to possess today, how best to tackle these increasing responsibilities, and the importance of attracting candidates to your organisation, not simply recruiting.

Nine essential elements for modern leadership

The requirements to successfully lead in today’s organisations differ significantly from the past, and leadership hiring and development processes can only be effective if the attitudes, skills, and behaviours measured align with demands of the modern, complex world.

Optimise your leadership talent processes, and create an organisation fit for the unpredictable future with our tip sheet, which will help you to understand the areas your (future) leaders need to master for sustained success.

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