5 tips for creating a realistic job preview that will reduce turnover

Written by Connie Gentry, Consulting Associate
Previously published by PSI Talent Management or Cubiks, prior to becoming Talogy.

In a world where video, media, and interactive technology has become the norm, job seekers have come to expect more from companies when investigating potential employers. Some of the advantages of using these mediums to attract candidates is that candidates can watch videos to get a realistic job preview (or RJP) of the company as well as the position for which they are applying. This simple video can directly impact turnover.

The number of individuals who use social media in their daily lives, either personally or professionally, indicate that using this type of platform to house a realistic job preview video is an easy way to get candidates familiar with the nuances of the job – the positive and the not so positive.

For example, let’s say you run a busy call centre. Candidates applying for a position might not fully understand all that is involved by just reading the job description. Watching a video of a current employee answering calls and using a software program can help the candidate understand what happens in the job. This realistic job preview also gives you the opportunity to show the work environment itself and even introduce candidates to some potential colleagues. This can provide job insights in a relatable, non-technical format.

Keep reading to see the 5 tips to creating a great RJP:

1) Identify internal resources to use

Think videographer to film and edit, incumbents to showcase, ideal locations to capture footage, you get the idea. Take measures to ensure that the end product is a professional, high quality video that will stream well and be easy and engaging to view

2) Include relevant background information or info important to the company

Your organisation’s mission and core values may really resonate with some candidates and also be a draw for your applicant pool. For example, if recycling and environmental protection is a core component of your company’s values, make sure to include it. Also, by promoting your core values, it helps show that your company is built on specific beliefs and values; something that is also important to many job seekers.

3) Showcase the benefits and perks of the position

This is where a well-executed RJP really shines. Spotlight the positive aspects of the position and work environment, whatever those may be. By selecting a top performer or enthusiastic incumbent to star in your video, their appreciation and satisfaction for the company and the job will set an inviting tone.

4) Do not try to hide any potential negative aspects of the position

Perhaps equally as important as showcasing the positives, is to not gloss over or try to hide things about the job that could be viewed as potential “downsides”. For example, if the job requires that someone be at their desk for 90% of their time with structured bathroom and lunch breaks, include it. If it involves undesirable work shifts or hours, include it. If there are limited promotional opportunities, include it.

Remember, a good RJP is designed to help your company as well as help candidates. As an employer, you would not want to recruit someone who isn’t going to be happy with the job. Candidates do not want to waste time going through a hiring process if, in the end, the job is not what they think it is and feel they may have been misled.

There are however ways in which the potentially negative aspects can be positioned in a way that obviously does not make them the “star of the show” of your video. Some creative thought and help from your marketing team – or even from drawing upon feedback from the employees themselves – can help frame this in a different way.

5) Spread across multiple social media outlets

Once you have your RJP video finalised, post it to any social media outlets that your organisation uses or that may help draw candidates in: your company’s website, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

In the end, a Realistic Job Preview can be many things. It can be a sales pitch to your applicants, and an insider’s view of the pros and cons of the job. Perhaps the most important value is that it can be a screening tool to help reduce potential turnover in your organisation. RJPs allow your candidates to gain a clear understanding of the job, before they’re appointed.

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